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ESP32 J-Link flashing

I'd like to flash a Mongoose-OS image to an ESP32 (ESP-WROOM-32 module) using a Segger J-Link over their 6-Pin Needle Adapter. Segger do not support ESP32 directly, but their hardware should be able to be used - for example, there are instructions on how to do this with VisualGDB and OCD.

The hardware connection I have is SWDIO-MTMS(IO14), SWCLK-MTCK(IO13), SWO-MTDO(IO15), NRESET-EN. Plus VDD and GND of course.

The reason for my interest is that for a production situation this is a much better setup than flashing over serial. I also hope that Segger will support ESP32 debugging/flashing in the future - at least one other professional debugging tool manufacturer is working on this. The 6-Pin Needle Adapter footprint is also very useful, even if a non-Segger tool is used.

Has anybody done this? Is there any information available, or can someone provide the information here?

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