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http-server lib changes rgb color of WS2812B

edited March 28 in Mongoose OS

Hi, I am working with a D1 mini esp8266 and a neopixel rgb shield with a WS2812B on it. The neopixel app works great when the timings are fixed as done in this repository.
I am trying to create an app that switches the color of the rgb led over a http get endpoint. As soon as I add the http-server lib to the mos.yml, the color of the rgb is turning red. Because of the timer callback that I use in my app, the led is switching back to the color set in the callback function (green in my case).

I cannot figure out why the led keeps switching its color to red for a short amount of time. When I don't use the http-server lib everything is working as expected. Is the lib writing something to the led pin? However, I did not even include it in my main.c. Any ideas why this is happening? Is the http-server lib writing to the output pin 4 even when it is not included?

Here is the link to the main.c of my app.

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