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MQTT broker automatically disconnects the client

With mongoose MQTT broker, when the client is connected, the broker will automatically disconnect. Later, it is found that while is used in mg_do_recv to read TCP data for many times. When the second reading occurs, lwip returns the WOULDBLOCK error, and MG_F_CLOSE_IMMEDIATELY is set in mg_recv_tcp, causing the link to disconnect. The MG_F_CLOSE_IMMEDIATELY flag should not be set after multiple reads of data, isn't it?
The code structure is as follows:
do {
n = nc->iface->vtable->tcp_recv(nc, buf, len);
if (n > 0) {
//do something
} else if (n < 0) {
} while (res > 0 && !(nc->flags & (MG_F_CLOSE_IMMEDIATELY | MG_F_UDP)));

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