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Newbie problem: "Access is denied" when trying to run mos flash from GUI (Win10)

edited March 2019 in Mongoose OS

I've just downloaded the mos tool to try it out on Windows 10 with a [raw] ESP32 board I happen to have. I can run mos, point it at my device on COM52 and the build completes but when I try to run mos flash from the GUI prompt mos tells me:

Loaded app1/esp32 version 1.0 (20190318-115145)
Opening COM52 @ 115200...
Error: Access is denied.
/go/src/ failed to open control port

FYI, mos is being run as administrator.

If, instead, I open a command prompt as administrator and use the command line:

c:\mos\app1>c:\mos\mos flash --port COM52

...then that does work:

Loaded app1/esp32 version 1.0 (20190318-115145)
Opening COM52 @ 115200...
Connecting to ESP32 ROM, attempt 1 of 10...
  Connected, chip: ESP32D0WDQ6 R1
Running flasher @ 0...
  Flasher is running
Flash size: 2097152, params: 0x021f (dio,16m,80m)
    16384 @ 0x9000 -> 0
    24576 @ 0x1000
     4096 @ 0x8000
     8192 @ 0xd000
  1564672 @ 0x10000
   262144 @ 0x190000
Wrote 1860080 bytes in 107.10 seconds (135.69 KBit/sec)
    22832 @ 0x1000
     3072 @ 0x8000
    16384 @ 0x9000
     8192 @ 0xd000
  1563840 @ 0x10000
   262144 @ 0x190000
Booting firmware...
All done!

What am I doing wrong with GUI operation, shouldn't that "just work"?

FYI, not sure if this is related to the above, when I exit the mos GUI, even though the GUI disappears mos.exe is still running, I have to kill it from the Task Manager.

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