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I got some trouble to use mic sound module with ADC1 channel(ex:GPIO32)...

I tested the sound module(max9814) with mic on arduino's env.. beaceuse I needed some library( with this mic sound module(max9814).
When I test the module using the uSpeech library on arduino, I got some right tunning values (threshold and etc) according to debug_uSpeech app(the tuning app such as file type .ino on arduino env.) for the library to provide and guide on wiki(

Then I ported the library and the debug_uSpeech app to mongoose os based on esp32 module and I succeeded to get some variable analog adc values from the mic sensor module.

But I coudn't get some right tuning values on mongoose os env.. because I was not able to see the definite different values according to tuning items from the ported debug_uSpeech app. Anyway, when I say some sounds into the mic, from analog adc to the values for uSpeech lib. to guide did not seem to variate differently definitely. So I was not tune it and get some tuning values such as threshold.

Let me know what it is the cause of the problem. In addition, I used the one of the adc1 channels on eps32.


  • In addition, the repo where I ported uSpeech lib. to mongoose os app is here.(
    please, any advice!

  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    in my personal experience the ESP32 ADC has it flaws and I had problems to get an audio level meter function work. So I switched to an external module like ADS1115/1015 to get the level of the microfone measured in my ESP32 (over I2C). But with this solution you only may measure a certain level of the audio signal, it's not fast enough to get a bunch of samples to analyze it in a useable manner like e.g. FFT. When looking for useable speech recognition, it makes more sense to record and pre-analyze the data with a more audio signal processing capable device like the Teensy for example. Then you may read this data via I2C/SPI/UART in the ESP32 and process it.

  • Thank for your advice and I shall change another speech library to use on esp32 and please let me know about another speech recognition solutoin using mic sound module.

  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    The speech library itself is not the problem, but a "solution" like this will get very poor audio data and will need the whole systems performance - so detecting pressed buttons or receiving MQTT messages or similar actions/events won't come through. That's why I propose to collect and (pre-)process the data with a device which is designed for this feature, and pass the results to the ESP32 for further processing. Perhaps you may even adapt µSpeech to this architecture.

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