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OTA client updated and not working

I was (with older libraries) previously able to ota update via the https client using firmware pre-signed URL from an S3 bucket. Now that I updated my library and sdk I am receiving the following all within a millisecond:

[Mar  1 16:05:02.016] mgos_ota_core.c:252     Starting, timeout 600, commit timeout 600, mem 112396
[Mar  1 16:05:02.016] mgos_ota_core.c:488     FW: rollease esp32 0.5.0 20190301-214538/v0.4.7-11-g0d4d4d3-master-dirty
[Mar  1 16:05:02.016] main.c:581              MGOS_EVENT_OTA_BEGIN
[Mar  1 16:05:02.016] mgos_ota_core.c:807     Update finished, result -10 (Nothing interesting in the update (wrong platform?))
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