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TI CC3200 Mongoose OS quick start guide building app firmware error

KhaledJKhaledJ Qatar
edited February 2019 in Mongoose OS

Hello, I am following the quick start guide shown here:

I selected TI CC3200 as my target device. When I do step 5, "Build app firmware" I get this error (highlighted in the image below):
How can I resolve this? Building app1 for different targets (like ESP32) has no issues. only for TI CC3200.
**note: i Couldn't post the error as a text file because i can't copy and paste the text, so I posted it as an image.


  • You are probably out of memory for fs partition. Maybe play with build_vars and try some numbers.


      FLASH_SIZE: 1048576 # override physical flash size of your device defined at
      FS_SIZE: 786432 # specify how much goes for fs

    Other option is to use external SPI flash (see

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