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Menuing system for ILI9341?

Just checked out the Mongoose ILI9341 library, using it with an ESP32 and a 2.2" 320x240 ILI9341 with SPI. Working well.

I need to get some higher level functionality (menuing). I'm looking at Learning curve and interfacing to existing ILI9341 library looks a little daunting, but doable.

Before I start hurting myself with this, has anyone seen any menuing systems appropriate to use with MongooseOS?


  • tripflextripflex Orlando, FL

    Funny enough, I am using this as well, and I did end up rolling my own mJS ILI9341 menu that you pass an array of objects with configuration for each menu item. It's def rough around the edges as it was built specifically for my use case scenario, but hit me up in the gitter chat and I can see about releasing some of the source code for you

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