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ESP-12 filesystem size?

What is the approximate capacity of the filesystem in bytes? I am imagining some use cases where you may want to passively monitor something periodically and run on battery power. In order to conserve power you would spend the majority of time in deep sleep mode, wake up every so often and take a measurement or whatever and buffer it up to send later.

As I understand it, the Wifi radio is the big power hog so you may want to turn that on only at rare intervals and squirt out all the buffered data, which could then be wiped locally and the radio turned off until the next upload time. There isn't a lot of RAM available for buffering data though, so one alternative might be to write the data to a file. How much could you store?

But then it isn't clear that you can read file data into memory in limited discrete chunks at present. << not seeing a parameter that says how much to read? And is there a cursor that says where to begin subsequent reads?


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