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Error when attempting an OTA update via device shadow

chrischris Paris
edited January 24 in Mongoose OS

I tried to do an OTA update on esp8266 via device shadow with multiple configurations, each leading to an abort message, followed by a core dump.
- cloud build
- local build
- AWS Iot shadow update
- mDash shadow update
Each attempt was made with the demo-c app

Here is the log excerpt :

I purchased a mos licence for the purpose of being able to update via device shadow, but this doesn't work.
The licencing operation worked, as the log reports :
[Jan 24 18:07:44.623] mgos_lic_init UID: 0367fc8bd0b17753, license: {"ota":true,"pid":"mos","ts":"2019-01-19T09:41:26Z","uid":"0367fc8bd0b17753"}

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