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Cannot generate encryption key for esp32 with lastest mos tool


I am trying to encrypt a new esp32 device but when I execute the first command: "mos -X esp32-gen-key flash_encryption_key fe.key --esp32-enable-flash-encryption --dry-run=false", I get 'Unknown Command'.
How can I execute this command with the lastest mos tool?


  • bs_alexbs_alex Barcelona

    I did some work on lowering the size of the fw. file is now 1354KB. But I am getting the same message:

    Any ideas?

  • nliviunliviu Romania

    It looks like the port is already in use.

  • bs_alexbs_alex Barcelona

    It is weird because using previous version of mos tools I could execute this command.
    I am using a esp32 burner. Could this affect to this command?

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