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How much space is left for built in apps?


As per the title, how much space does Mongoose OS leave for C apps? How easy is it to reach the limit?

It looks like there is 1.5MB app + 256K FS per OTA partitioned partitioned. (with 4MB as per most modules)

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  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast
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    Let's say: it depends. I'm developing quite sophisticsted IoT devices, and I never reached the limit because of code size, be it C or MJS. The limits I reached had been set by RAM and flash space and processing time consumption, so I switched to a pimped ESP-WROVER module with 16MB flash and 4MB PSRAM (ODROID-GO) - theses limit lines I have not crossed (yet). But to be honest - I develop some very RAM hungry functions (buffered display with "screenshots", unpacking zipped data or saved patterns for LED matrix lamp/display) which need a lot of space - but as we have to develop like in the first days (compare the ESP32 with a Unix System V server I used in my early days to code in the 1990's with 20 users - ok, more disk space and memory, but it's ridiculous how powerful these days such a device is. But some experience of coding on such basic resources is quite helpful. So these days are back you have to think about every byte you use, memory fragmentation and blocking processes/loops. The only thing I could imagine speeding up my platform would be the posdibility to use the second core of the ESP32 for some functions. But this seems not to be on the roadmap.

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  • Great answer, thank you :)

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