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The Mongoose OS licensing issues/questions when used with mJS

The Mongoose OS licensing page should call out that mJS is licensed under GPL v2. There doesn't seem to be a linking exception for mJS, at least anywhere I can find. This means that if you use the community version of Mongoose OS and mJS, then your app your distribute would need to be licensed under the GPL as well.

To be clear, I have no issue with this, but since mJS is talked about as one of the ways you can write code for the OS, and it isn't explicitly called out anywhere I can find, and may come as a surprise

More to the point you don't even seem to have a linking exception in either license would could raise some potential issues

Which then raises the question, if I license the commercial version of the OS, does that come with a license for mJS, or would one have to license that as well?


  • Sorry didn't mean linking exception, but the GPL gets a bit... interesting when it comes to something like a bundled interpreter where the scripts form a part of the overall application. This is what I meant. Since Cesanta is the licensing party, simply adding clarifying language would remove any ambiguity one way or the other.

    If you mix Mongoose OS (Apache 2.0) with mJS (GPL v2) source then the overall work then is considered GPL v2. If you build mJS as a library and then link to it, then that is a bit of a different story. However that isn't the normal M.O. with mJS.

    See why I think you should clarify this?

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