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New Contribution: Lightweight WiFi configuration WebUI

pacmancoderpacmancoder Ukraine
edited January 3 in Mongoose OS

Hello! I made new lightweight WiFi configuration library for Mongoose OS - mg-wifi-web-config (MGWWC)

GitHub: link


MGWWC is inspired by wifi-setup-web-ui
library, but instead of relating on RPC and http-server library it uses only core Mongoose OS
functionality - wifi library and mongoose network library.

All WebUI frontend were minimized to acheive minimal library footprint


  • Small footprint
    -- RPC is not required
    -- http-server library is not required
    -- Tiny WebUI frontend
    -- Tiny C++ backend
    -- Minimized frontend files
  • Flexible
    -- All library files are prefixed with __mgwwc_ so they shouldn't interfere with existing files in your project's fs
    -- Can be triggered manually or during boot
    -- Turns ON AP automatically when triggered
    -- Provides handlers for user actions, which can be intercepted and validated
    --- Example 1: validate that provided password is at least 16 characters long
    --- Example 2: reboot device after user entered credentials
    -- After configuration is completed, WebUI autolaunch can be disabled right in the WebUI itself
  • Supported languages
    -- C/C++
  • Easy to use

WebUI Preview

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  • Thanks for this helpful contribution but I have a question, does the device reboot after users enter the credentials?

    Thanked by 1pacmancoder
  • Actually, a reboot is not required. The library will set credentials using standard Mongoose config API, and Wi-Fi will be re-configured on the fly.

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