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how to revert to earlier versions of mongoose os and esp-idf?

We have a very fussy access point here that only likes to work with some devices, with some version of the esp-idf.

All was fine at Mongoose 2.8.0 w/ esp-idf v3.1-r4.

We are broken with 2.10.2 w/esp-idf v3.2-r1 (device won't connect, gets 'receive an AP ssid mismatch', and eventually restarts)...

Is there a way to do a local build against the older libraries (especially the older esp-idf?)


  • You can pin to a specific version like this

    libs_version: 2.8.0
    modules_version: 2.8.0
    mongoose_os_version: 2.8.0
  • I think I tried that, and it didn't seem to work (though my testing may have been faulty). I did an rm -rf deps after that and the next build was good.

    Thank you!

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