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File upload/download utility

I've written a client/server network utility that can send text files (usually JavaScript programs, right?) to the ESP8266 or receive files that were already resident there.

The server part runs on your workstation and requires that you have Node.js installed. You will have to install the client app onto the ESP 8266 using curl, but after that you should be able to move files back and forth with this utility.

One odd thing I'm noticing is that the program files that come embedded on the device such as demo.js are in some funky format that can't be printed to the FlashNChips console or downloaded. The .json files are in a format that can be printed though. Maybe someone can explain.


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland
    @Capstan thanks for the great job!

    Some javascript files are getting compiled to the bytecode form (but still retaining .js suffix). V7 can detect bytecode file by looking at the beginning of the file, at a magic string.
    The advantage of having bytecode is the ability to bypass compilation step (minor) and memory-map the bytecode file to save RAM (major).

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