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Unable to build a certain tag.

I am trying to set a fixed tag to build.
I have all the libraries checked out and set to a certain tag (2.6.0).
When trying to perform a local build (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Server) using the following:
../mos build --local --verbose --clean --platform esp8266 --repo ../mongoose-os/ --libs-dir ../libs/ --lib rpc-mqtt:../libs/rpc-mqtt --lib rpc-service-gpio:../libs/rpc-service-gpio --lib rpc-service-wifi:../libs/rpc-service-wifi --lib ca-bundle:../libs/ca-bundle --lib http-server:../libs/http-server --lib rpc-service-config:../libs/rpc-service-config --lib wifi:../libs/wifi --lib ota-http-server:../libs/ota-http-server --lib rpc-uart:../libs/rpc-uart --lib rpc-service-fs:../libs/rpc-service-fs --lib vfs-dev-spi-flash:../libs/vfs-dev-spi-flash --lib aws:../libs/aws --lib core:../libs/core --lib pwm:../libs/pwm --lib ota-common:../libs/ota-common --lib spi:../libs/spi --lib rpc-service-ota:../libs/libs/rpc-service-ota --lib rpc-common:../libs/rpc-common --lib vfs-common:../libs/vfs-common --lib ota-http-client:../libs/mos/ota-http-client --lib shadow:../libs/shadow --lib mongoose:../libs/mongoose --lib vfs-fs-spiffs:../libs/vfs-fs-spiffs --lib mbedtls:../libs/mbedtls --lib vfs-dev-part:../libs/vfs-dev-part --lib mqtt:../libs/mqtt

I get the following error:

Error: /go/src/ neither sources nor prebuilt binary exists for the lib "mbedtls" (or, if a library doesn't have any code by design, its mos.yml shouldn't contain "sources"). Fetch error was: [Get dial tcp: lookup device or resource busy]

mos tool version:

The Mongoose OS command line tool
Version: 2.6.0
Build ID: 20180928-194611/2.6.0-gb997b0fde
Update channel: release

Now, lookup to me indicates name resolution problem. But I don't understand what device or resource busy means.
I traced it to line 259 of swmodule.go: http.Get(assetUrl). But that is already a go library as far as I understand (I am not familiar with go).

Any help would be appreciated.

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