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sys.mount failure with spi_flash on esp32; SPI not set up yet?

dwegscheiddwegscheid Earth-ish
edited December 2018 in Mongoose OS

I have VFS working mostly an ESP32 with an spi_flash device, but I can't mount it at reboot

This works from the command line:

mos call FS.Mount '{"dev_type": "spi_flash", "dev_opts": "{\"freq\": 40000000, \"cs\": 0}", "fs_type": "SPIFFS", "path": "/mnt", "fs_opts": "{\"size\": 1000000}"}'

I did this:

mos config-set sys.mount.path=/mnt sys.mount.dev_type=spi_flash sys.mount.fs_type=SPIFFS 'sys.mount.fs_opts={"size": 1000000}' 'sys.mount.dev_opts={"freq":40000000,"cs": 0}'

and now the device is in a reboot loop:

[Dec 11 14:17:56.427] mgos_vfs_dev_spi_fla SPI is disabled
[Dec 11 14:17:56.430] mgos_vfs_dev_create_ Dev spi_flash {"freq":40000000,"cs": 0} open failed: -7
[Dec 11 14:17:56.436] mgos_core_init       sys config init failed
[Dec 11 14:17:56.442] mgos_deps_init       core init failed
[Dec 11 14:17:56.446] mgos_task            MGOS init failed: -32
[Dec 11 14:17:56.951] mgos_vfs_umount_all  Unmounting filesystems

Is the sys.mount specified in the config firing off before SPI is configured? If so, is that something I can change?

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