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Flash images overlap?

I am getting the following error while flashing my ESP32 device:

Error: /go/src/ Images 0x10000 and 0x190000 overlap

That suggests a build issue to me, but the build completed okay without any obvious warnings or errors. How could the build create overlapping images? Shouldn't it be able to detect that? My build command was:

mos build --platform=esp32

I am using the base C demo repo, with the addition of a 1-wire sensor which sends notification to mDash.

Any suggestions as to why the images are apparently wrong?




  • I had this issue; it was because my image size was greater than the max 1.5 MByte size allowed by APP_SLOT_SIZE.

    You can increase APP_SLOT_SIZE in increments of 0x10000 in build_vars in mos.yml, provided that you're careful not to go over the maximum flash size; you might have to decrease MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE to compensate.

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  • timttimt Australia

    I had the same error, deleting MOS and down loading it again solved the issue.

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