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Support integrated IR Remote Control in esp8266

Hello all!

Somebody have any information about support IR interface Smart.js ?
In ESP8266 datasheet I see informations about internal NEC modulator interface for modulation data to 38kHz. (article 3.8 in 0A-ESP8266 Datasheet v4.3)

May be somebody have own extension for Smart.js or just JS code for it? in my solution I should receive and send IR commands.



  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland
    first time i hear about it... the answer is that there is no support, but we may add it, if it's not too much hassle.
    can you post links to the doc? and maybe existing uses of it?
  • Thanks for answer.
    I still don't do solution, but plain in future (if you don't add it self :)
    I don't remember where I download this datasheet (may be from,
    but try scroll to page 22, paragraph 3.8 IR Remote Control
    Looks like pin 9 (MTMS) have additional hardware modulation.

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland
    "The functionality of Infrared remote control interface can be implemented via software programming" - this basically means bit-banging :)
    They say the same for I2C and PWM, for which i know there's no hardware support.
  • Thanks for answer, but why they say pin numbers? If I should implement this via software I can use any pins, right?
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