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Cannot configure Mongoose Server on Mac OSX

AmittaiAmittai Boston, MA, USA
edited November 2018 in Mongoose Networking Library

First I downloaded the Mac OS X binary for Mongoose Server from this website and installed it onto my MacBook Pro running Mojave. When I double-clicked on the application, my browser opened on the Applications directory. There was no option to configure the server first so that it would open on a document root. I gave up, uninstalled, and used Homebrew to install Mongoose Server, which is apparently version 6.13. Again, when I open a browser on "localhost:8000" (which is where it says it is listening), I see whatever directory I am in when I issue the "mongoose" command. I wrote a "mongoose.conf" file and saved it to the same directory as where mongoose was installed (/usr/local/Cellar/mongoose/6.13/bin). Mongoose ignores the "document_root" and "cgi_pattern": the localhost:8000 page still opens on whatever directory I am currently in when I issue the "mongoose" command, and the browser displays the CGI script (a Python script) as a text file. Here is what my (ineffective) mongoose.conf file has:
document_root /Users/<... path to my directory containing an index.html file>
cgi_pattern *.py

The Python file has this at the top:


which is indeed the path to launch Python 3.

Basically, configuration does not seem to work at all. I have also tried entering configuration parameters on the command line, e.g.,

mongoose -cgi_pattern *.py

But I get exactly the same results.

How am I supposed to configure the Mongoose Server?


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