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Local Build Failure -- Docker Toolbox -- No such file or directory

NickNick Los Angeles, CA
edited November 2018 in Mongoose OS

Hey all. I've been trying to get my local build operational so I can debug a core dump, but I keep hitting a snag. This is the command I'm running:

mos build --local --verbose --platform esp32 --repo /mongoose-os --clean

This is the result:

Docker arguments: run --name mos_build_2018-11-09T19-06-49-00_1814374070 --rm -i -v /c/mos/app1/app/deps/spi/src:/c/mos/app1/app/deps/spi/src [... redacted for brevity]
make: Entering directory '/app/app'
make: /mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp32/ No such file or directory
make: Leaving directory '/app/app'
make: *** No rule to make target '/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp32/'.  Stop.
Error: exit status 2

I found a thread with a similar error here, but it seemed to end without a definite solution. Something was mentioned about shared folders in VirtualBox, but it wasn't clear and I've not had any success messing with shared folders so far.

I have the repo cloned to C:\mongoose-os. I've tried various combinations of --repo with and without the C:\ prefix to no avail.

This is Windows 10 Home edition (hence the usage of Docker Toolbox.) Any ideas?


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