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Get local SSID list OR forget Current WiFi credentials?

We are using Mongoose JS on an ESP32. We have these three situations:

  1. ESP32 has No WiFi credentials:
    "Wifi.scan (function (results)" returns a WiFi list

  2. ESP32 has WiFi credentials and is connected to the network:
    "Wifi.scan (function (results)" returns a WiFi list

  3. ESP32 has old WiFi credentials and is NOT connected to the original network (ie We move our ESP32 to another location and want to scan for more):
    "Wifi.scan (function (results)" DOESN'T returns a WiFi list and gives an error:
    [Nov 4 11:55:21.101] W (28365) wifi: Now is connecting, user scan invalid now!
    [Nov 4 11:55:23.551] I (30815) wpa: WPA2: already disabled
    [Nov 4 11:55:23.555] I (30825) wifi: Set ps type: 0

How can we get a WiFi list in situation case 3?

If it is not possible, then how do I reset the WiFi credentials so that the old credentials are cleared in Mongoos JS?

Setting the SSID to "" and password to "" doesn't work.


  • Thanks to Manfred Müller-Späth @mamuesp in chat, the solution was to set "wifi.ap.enable" to "true" and the "wifi.sta.enable" (together with STA1 and STA2) to "false", and reboot.

    Thanked by 1Sergey
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