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PPPoS error building for ESP32


I'm trying to enable SIM800L GPRS with my ESP32. Althought, the building process is failing with my pppos configurations.
I've got this error messages:

    error: implicit declaration of function 'ppp_set_auth' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
    error: 'PPPAUTHTYPE_PAP' undeclared (first use in this function)
    recipe for target 'mgos_pppos.o' failed

That is the config_schema

      #pins 16,17
      - ["gps.uart_no", 2]
      - ["gps.baud_rate", 9600]
      - ["gps.update_interval", 2000]
      # pins 25, 26
       - ["pppos.enable", true]
      - ["pppos.uart_no", 1]
      - ["pppos.baud_rate", 115200]
      - ["pppos.apn", ""]
      - ["pppos.user", "tim"]
      - ["pppos.pass", "tim"]
      - ["pppos.connect_cmd", "ATD*99***1#"]
      - ["wifi.sta.enable", false]
        # mqtt and i2c config omitted

What am I doing wrong?


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