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Why do you guys call mJS a prototyping language?


I have complete iot product built using mJS and we are running it successfully. I wanted to know why do you guys call it a
prototyping language. In many places, you guys stress on the word prototyping which is scaring me as we are using it in the production build.

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  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast
    edited November 2018

    Well, it depends on the application. I use mongoose-os on an ESP32 with some sophisticated features (modular system with Andonlight, voltage detector, RFID reader and weight sensor) - and a nice display. The functions could easily be set up in MJS, but the system became more and more unreliable and slower with increasing complexity. So the device often could not be addressed via UART, interrupts were lost and the Andonlight had response times of up to 20 seconds (MQTT). Then I started to optimize the code and to convert time-critical parts into C. Meanwhile there are no more UART blockades, and the response times have melted down to about 1 second. So I came to the conclusion: MJS is good to try out, develop and test, but for productive use it is not the best choice for our case. If, on the other hand, your system does what it's supposed to with MJS without any problems, then everything is fine, then there's no need to implement everything in C.

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  • @mamuesp That's an awesome insight. Thanks a lot

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Second @mamuesp . It is fine to use mJS in production, as soon as you're happy with it.
    It is not built for performance though, so if you see any performance issues, optimise using C.
    So @praveenapoojary - if you're happy with mJS, keep it.

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