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Wifi Smartconfig with ESP8266


I've read in the forum several times that you don't plan to support Wifi Smartconfig (ESP-Touch / Airkiss). Could you please tell me the reason?

Also I've tried to use Smartconfig API directly:

#include "smartconfig.h"
#include "user_interface.h"

Unfortunately the build process failed because of linkage error:

/home/martin/m/mos/build/objs/main.c.o:(.text.mgos_app_init+0x28): undefined reference to `smartconfig_start'

I've tried to use libsmartconfig.a from the docker image (tried both from ESP8266 with and without RTOS) and referenced it by binary_libs but then I got different linkage errors.

Could you please give me an advice how to build ii?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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