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Network Discovery

Hi everyone !!

I searched for it on forum as well as google but can not find answer to it.. so starting a new thread..

I am trying to enable my ESP8266 device running Mongoose firmware to be discovered on network easily using Android/Ios application , putting it in simple words,

if I connect my phone to wifi network - open "The App" , I can find all ESP8266 devices running my firmware in my app after a network scan..

please help me out if there is any in-built network discovery capabilities in Mongoose or do I have to develop a way for that.




  • Should I make a function added to RPC which responds with device name and other relevant data to Polling app ? that way, in my mobile app when user clicks discovery button, the app tries RPC for each ip address in that address range ( ex: to ) and list MOS devices based on the reply received ??

    please guide me to right direction.

  • You can implement upnp advertise on the device and upnp discovery on the phone. It's pretty easy to implement (at least on the ESP).

  • thanks nliviu, are there any example for upnp advertise ?

  • You can create it easily.
    Read this document

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