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ESP32 Expert View Problem (Incoming frame is too big, dropping mongoose)

CipanXCipanX Malaysia
edited October 2018 in Mongoose OS

Hye I try to setup the ESP32 with mongoose. In the Device Configuration there are two mode Simple View & Expert View. The problem is when Im using the Simple View Mode the configuration can be saved succesfully without error. However, in Expert View Mode the configuration cannot be saved. The error in the log stated :

mg_rpc_channel_uart_ Incoming frame is too big, dropping.
mg_rpc_channel_uart_ 0x3ffb55c4 Corrupted frame (884): 'dhcp_hostname":""},"sta1":{"enable":false,"ssid":"","pass":"","user":"","anon_identity":"","cert":"","key":"","ca_cert":"","ip":"","netmask":"","gw":"","nameserver":"","dhcp_hostname":""},"sta2":{"enable":false,"ssid":"","pass":"","user":"","anon_identity":"","cert":"","key":"","ca_cert":"","ip":"","netmask":"","gw":"","nameserver":"","dhcp_hostname":""},"sta_cfg_idx":0,"sta_connect_timeout":30},"spi":{"enable":false,"debug":false,"unit_no":3,"miso_gpio":19,"mosi_gpio":23,"sclk_gpio":18,"cs0_gpio":5,"cs1_gpio":-1,"cs2_gpio":-1},"watson":{"enable":false,"host_name":"","client_id":"","token":"","cert":"","key":"","ca_cert":""},"board":{"led1":{"pin":21,"active_high":true},"led2":{"pin":-1,"active_high":true},"led3":{"pin":-1,"active_high":true},"btn1":{"pin":0,"pull_up":true},"btn2":{"pin":-1,"pull_up":false},"btn3":{"pin":-1,"pull_up":false}},"mjs":{"generate_jsc":true}}}}' '8a200dde' 8a200dde 8a077dda

Anyone Can help me? I already changed another ESP32 kit but the same problem appeared. How to solve it.


  • I just opened an issue about this since I also got bitten by it.

    There is nothing wrong with your hardware; I think it's a mos bug. The current workaround I use is to write directly to the config file from the "Device File Manager" instead of using the "Device Configuration" tab.

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    We are currently redesigning the UI, so this problem will go away.

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