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Raspberry PI 3 installation

I installed mos on to Raspberry Pi 3. Here are the commands I ran on Pi.

curl -fsSL | /bin/bash

Now when trying to run mos I see the error below.

cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

I have all drivers installed. I can run AWS freeRTOS project and publish / subscribe messages to GreenGrass core as well as IoT.

Now I'd like to do the same with Mongoose. How do I get the tool running on Pi?

Any help is appreciated.




  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    if you read the error message carefully and think about it briefly and also think about the Raspberry PI and its architecture, it should become clear ... The mos tool is binary compiled for Intel processors and therefore does not run on a Raspberry Pi. If you want to run it on the Pi, you have to download the source code from Githhub and compile it for the Pi.

  • CoreyCorey New York

    Has anyone successfully ran the mos tool on an ARM processor?

  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    Well, why don't you give it a try by yourself? Start from here.

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