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ESP32 as an MQTT Broker?

MaiMai Ottawa, Canada

Hi everyone. 1st post.
I'm new to ESP32 and have managed to get my ESP32 to act as an MQTT subscriber.
I'd like to know if there is a way to eliminate my RPi running Mosquitto broker, and make the ESP32 act as both a broker and a subscriber?
Is this possible with Mongoose OS?


  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast
    edited October 2018

    On base of the embedded Mongoose web server I'm sure this could be done hypothetically. But I'm not so sure if the ESP32 is the right device for it. Even the Raspi is sometimes a little underpowered for this task. And you would have to adapt an existing open source solution to Mongoose-OS or write it by yourself from scratch. For having a simple MQTT-Broker, I prefer a mini PC (credit card size) with Linux, and a good and fast attached network hardware (which isn't the case on a Raspi), this is more reliable if the number of devices connecting will increase.

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