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ESP-01 OTA update failing

tombartombar Montevideo, Uruguay


I'm testing the OTA update on an ESP-01 AI thinker and I was hopping someone can help me troubleshoot this error.

updater_context_crea Starting update (timeout 300)
mgos_updater_http_st Update URL:, ct: 10, isv? 0
parse_manifest FW: mjs_mqtt_tests esp8266 1.0 20170323-002551/master@eac6a9bf+ -> 1.0 20170323-002551/master@eac6a9bf+
mgos_upd_boot_get_st cur 0 prev 0 fwu 0
mgos_upd_begin Slot 1, FW: 0x11000.bin -> 0x111000, FS 0xdb000.bin -> 0x1db000
mongoose_poll New heap free LWM: 29792
compute_checksum Failed to read 64 bytes from 111000
mgos_upd_file_begin Start writing 0x11000.bin (614688) @ 0x111000
esp_flash_write Erase sector 273 (0x111000) -> 1
updater_finish Finished: -12 Write failed
fw_download_handler Update error: -12 Write failed

I'm running the latests skeleton_version (2017-03-17) and also latests mos tool

The OTA update is trigger through MQTT with the following command:

mos --port mqtt:// call OTA.Update '{"url": "", "commit_timeout": 10}'

The webserver i'm running to serve the file is NGINX and the logs show

2017/03/22 22:08:14 [info] 32478#0: *3 client prematurely closed connection while sending response to client, client:, server: , request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: "" - - [22/Mar/2017:22:08:14 -0300] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 139916 "-" "-">

Am I doing everything right or I'm missing something? Is the error related to the board or some hardware/memory limitations ? any tips or pointers welcomed!

Thanks in advance and congratulations for such an amazing work! Kudos & keep the hard work :P



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