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Configuration question

Im trying to find a solution to flashing one firmware into multiple similar devices. Each board is an esp32 with a relay that I want to control from an mqtt broker.

I set these items in the mos.yml and some settings appeared in the conf file while others went back to their defaults. Also, the pub and sub don't take the ?????? and replace with the id of the device.

Any assistance would be appreciated

  • ["", "scymyn_??????"]

    • ["", "s", "/scymyn_??????/relayresponse", {title: "Publish topic"}]
    • ["mqtt.sub", "s", "/scymyn_??????/relayrequest", {title: "Subscribe topic"}]
    • ["mqtt.server", ""]
    • ["", "RemoteRelay"]
    • ["device.password", "test"]
    • ["i2c.enable", true]
    • ["wifi.ssid", "scymyn_??????"]
    • ["wifi.ip", ""]
    • ["", ""]
    • ["wifi.dhcp_start", ""]
    • ["wifi.dhcp_end" , ""]
    • ["dns_sd.host_name", "scymyn_??????"]


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