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Mongoose OS on esp32 OTA

Hello, We are trying to use ota-http-client to upgrade firmware of esp32, but we found that the network connection in production will be very unreliable and it will take several times to download the new firmware to the device, and there will be many devices on site.
We decided that we should divide the large firmware .zip file into group chunks of data and create a one .zip file on local file system on esp32 and then flash it for firmware upgrade.
We are facing 2 problems:
1. how to flash the new .zip file from the local file system into the esp32 to upgrade the firmware, instead of downloading from http directly.
2. how to collect different chunks of data to create one zip file as the new firmware file

Thanks in advance.


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    You can download by chunks, using Range header. Store the fw on a different FS. Then use the updater API to update.

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