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ESP32 Flash Encryption Failure

tripflextripflex Orlando, FL
edited August 2018 in Mongoose OS

Tried numerous times to run flash encryption on a device, and it constantly keeps giving these errors:

[Aug 10 17:40:26.884] esp32_fs_crypt_init  FS encryption key set up, seed @ 0x0
[Aug 10 17:40:26.890] mgos_vfs_dev_create_ fs_0: esp32part ({"label": "fs_0"}), size 262144
[Aug 10 17:40:26.897] mgos_vfs_dev_create_ fs_1: esp32part ({"label": "fs_1"}), size 262144
[Aug 10 17:40:26.904] mgos_vfs_dev_create_ data: esp32part ({"label": "data"}), size 262144
[Aug 10 17:40:26.911] mgos_vfs_mount_dev   /: SPIFFS @ fs_0, opts {"encr": true}
[Aug 10 17:40:27.011] mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_e Encrypting zone.js (id 56, size 2476) -> XXXXXX
[Aug 10 17:40:27.024] mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_e zone.js: update_meta failed: -10001
[Aug 10 17:40:27.029] mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_m SPIFFS mount failed
[Aug 10 17:40:27.033] mgos_vfs_mount_dev   FS SPIFFS {"encr": true}: mount failed
[Aug 10 17:40:27.038] mgos_core_init       FS init error
[Aug 10 17:40:27.042] mgos_deps_init       core init failed
[Aug 10 17:40:27.045] mgos_task            MGOS init failed: -32

I was able to flash encrypt the demo project, but even that on the first attempt, cause a reboot like above for ca.pem, and then once started encrypting other files kept returning error that ca.pem was corrupted...

The docs don't say much else regarding the encryption ... but my question is ...

1.) . Does the device require a specific amount of free space to run the encryption?
2.) What does MGOS init failed: -32 mean?
3.) What does this mean: update_meta failed: -10001 seems to be the common problem
4.) Is there a way to manually try to force encryption on a specific file?
5.) Can anybody provide any other details in regards to HOW mos handles the encryption?

Based on what the documentation says, I basically now have a device that i can not use until i figure this out ... please help!


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