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mos config won't save

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to set wifi.sta.ssid and wifi.sta.pass to "" or NULL or BLANK and then save the config.

static void bridge_setup_erase_sta_credentials(void)
  /* Local variables */
  struct mgos_config_wifi_sta sta_setup;
  char *msg = NULL;

  /* Erase ssid, pass */
  mgos_wifi_disconnect(); //disconnect STA.
  memcpy(&sta_setup, mgos_sys_config_get_wifi_sta(), sizeof(sta_setup));
  sta_setup.ssid = "";
  sta_setup.pass = "";
  sta_setup.enable = false;
    LOG(LL_ERROR, ("STA credentials erased"));//debug
    save_cfg(&mgos_sys_config, &msg);//test
  } else
    LOG(LL_ERROR, ("Unable to erase STA credentials"));//debug

When I run this, the printout is STA credentials erased. But when I run mos config-get wifi from the command line, it shows up as the OLD sta.ssid and sta.pass. Can someone point out where I'm going wrong?

Many thanks!!


  • nliviunliviu Romania

    You need to mgos_sys_config_set_wifi_* to update the members of mgos_sys_config before save_cfg.

  • edited August 1

    So basically, I should be using mgos_sys_config_get_wifi_sta() to update the members of mgos_sys_config, not mgos_config_wifi_sta?
    Is it necessary to do a reboot after save_cfg?

  • nliviunliviu Romania

    You can use struct mgos_config_wifi_sta for mgos_wifi_setup_sta as you already do.
    But to update the wifi_sta members of mgos_sys_config you should use mgos_sys_config_set_wifi_sta_enable, mgos_sys_config_set_wifi_sta_ssid, etc.
    As long as you mgos_wifi_setup_sta I don't think a reboot is necessary.

  • edited August 1

    nliviu my man, you are a legend. the mgos_sys_config_set_wifi_sta_enable, etc. method works.
    Just out of interest, where do these get/set functions originate from? They don't appear to be anywhere within the source, but are autogenerated somehow...

  • nliviunliviu Romania

    All mgos_sys_config_get_*/mgos_sys_config_set-* are in build/gen/mgos_config.c and build/gen/mgos_config.h.

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