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frame does not publish when called from event callback

I am trying to publish messages to Google Cloud IoT Core based on events that are being triggered when the ADC of the ESP32 measures a certain value. When I call from within a Timer callback the data is published to my Google Cloud IoT registry and I can pull it from my subscription. However, moving the publishData function within the callback of an event cause the data to not being published anymore, although returns true.

function publishData() {
    let msg = JSON.stringify({
        current: mean,
    let ok =, msg, 1);
    if (ok) {
        print('Data published: ', ok ? 'yes' : 'no');
    } else {
        print('Error while publishing data!');
    return ok;

    function(ev, evdata, ud) {
        // feed watchdog timer to avoid reset of the system
        if (measurementsCounter<nMeasurements) {
        } else {
            GPIO.write(ledPin, 0);
            if (isConnected) {
                let ok = publishData();

If anyone has an idea what could be wrong with my code or has ever experienced the same issue, I'd be really grateful for your answers.

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