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OTA CC3200 with NWP

ipenevipenev Sofia, Bulgaria

During investigation of network connectivity issue I found out that there is new version of NWP for CC3200.

Latest version is ota_1.0.1.11-

In mos.yml file I've added

  CC3200_SP_FILE: "ota_1.0.1.11-"

and manifest has new NWP ota and sign file, which are included in zip file.

But flashing device OTA, skips NWP update.

_on_ota_status       BEGIN: project-name
mgos_upd_file_begin  Skipping cert.der cert.der
mongoose_poll        New heap free LWM: 13144
mgos_upd_file_begin  Skipping mg-boot.bin /sys/mcuimg.bin
mongoose_poll        New heap free LWM: 12240
mgos_upd_file_begin  Skipping mg-boot.cfg.0 mg-boot.cfg
mgos_upd_file_begin  Skipping mg-boot.cfg.1 mg-boot.cfg
mgos_upd_file_begin  Skipping ota_1.0.1.11- /sys/servicepack.ucf
mgos_upd_file_begin  Skipping ota_1.0.1.11- ota_1.0.1.11-
mgos_upd_file_begin  project-name.bin.1 
verify_checksum      project-name.bin.1: have 62354b4eb77f2f7071b732e35bc2e03ec66e9228, want a2459ef8009d0da51de6edbceb1a5cd84319f648
prepare_to_write     Storing project-name.bin 221184 -> project-name.bin.1 241664 (a2459ef8009d0da51de6edbceb1a5cd84319f648)
verify_checksum      project-name.bin.1: have a2459ef8009d0da51de6edbceb1a5cd84319f648, want a2459ef8009d0da51de6edbceb1a5cd84319f648
mgos_upd_file_begin  spiffs.img.1.0 
verify_checksum      spiffs.img.1.0: have 8275738feb0706606bb2c9784e25c99353c79876, want 1213aa8143f9486ebdeeacb142961109f2aa1291
prepare_to_write     Storing spiffs.img 98368 -> spiffs.img.1.0 98368 (1213aa8143f9486ebdeeacb142961109f2aa1291)
verify_checksum      spiffs.img.1.0: have 1213aa8143f9486ebdeeacb142961109f2aa1291, want 1213aa8143f9486ebdeeacb142961109f2aa1291
updater_process_int  commit timeout 0
_on_ota_status       SHOTA: finalizing commit timeout 0
mgos_upd_finalize    Boot cfg 0: 0xfffffffffffffffc, 0x0, project-name.bin.0 @ 0x20000000, spiffs.img.0
mgos_upd_finalize    Boot cfg 1: 0xfffffffffffffffb, 0x3, project-name.bin.1 @ 0x20000000, spiffs.img.1
updater_finish       Finished: 1 Update applied, finalizing
_on_ota_status       SHOTA: done Finished: 1 Update applied, finalizing
_on_ota_status       OTA is a success!
_result_cb           ota result: 1; needs reboot: 1
fw_download_handler  OTA finished, rebooting device

Could you please suggest way of updating NWP on CC3200 device, or add support for updating.

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