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Will not build after update

jonwjonw USA
edited July 2018 in Mongoose OS

I have deleted my dep folder and bin folder in my project and try without success to get a clean build. This is with the commercial local libraries.

mos version: 2.3+7ca03a2~xenial0
commercial library: Tried 2.3 and latest on master branch
command: sudo mos build --clean --local --libs-dir ./libs --platform esp32
undefined reference to 'mgos_vfs_common_init'
undefined reference to 'mgos_mongoose_init'
undefined reference to 'mgos_ota_common_init'
undefined reference to 'mgos_vfs_fs_spiffs_init'
undefined reference to 'mgos_core_fs_init'
undefined reference to 'mgos_core_fs_init'


  • WimpieWimpie Belgium

    Hi, I had the same problem, but found an ugly solution.
    master branches of mongoose-os and libs are apparently not yet aligned.
    In my mos.yml, I changed:
    mongoose_os_version: master
    Then you end up with:
    $HOME/develop/wifi-dongle/build/objs/mosapp/libmosapp.a(mgos_deps_init.o):(.rodata.descrs+0x1c): undefined reference to `mgos_vfs_dev_ram_init'
    This library is not yet committed to the mos-libs, therefore I added a dummy function in my project:
    bool mgos_vfs_dev_ram_init(void)
    {return true; }


  • I have the same problem, I have a CI pipeline running every night. Before running (in a Docker container) it gets the last mos version and updates the mos-lib from the official repository. Given this scenario is more than one week the build fails with linker problems.
  • jonwjonw USA
    edited July 2018

    @guglielmino and @Wimpie I have opened the following issue on the commercial libs github in hopes that it will further explain the problem. Have either of you had success since commenting here?

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