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ESP8266 flashed once then can't reflash

I've successfully flashed my device with ESP8266 1M firmware and demo.js app with mos **on **windows 10.
I'm not able to put the board in flashing mode anymore.

Moreover, I'm tring to change the init.js to stop printing the log message every secondes but I've got :

Server Error: {"error":"(400) failed to open file \"init.js\""}

Any advice ?


  • XavFranceXavFrance France

    You need to compress (remove comment) the javascript files because you have not enough space left on device.
    Removing the comments will let around 35kb more free.

    I hope Mongoose will deliver an ESP8266 1M file with the optimisations.

  • Hi Xavier,
    Does this also prevent the flashing mode (GPIO0->GND) to work ?

    If I can't flash in one hand and can't modify files ... I'm stuck :(

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