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mjs lib

I created a lib in mjs that I want to attach on another projects. Lib itself works but when I try to use it from another project I get that:

Falling back to sources for "mongoose-string-utils" (failed to fetch prebuilt binary: got 404 status code when accessed
Prepared local dir: "/fwbuild-volumes/2.1/apps/test/exp8266/build_contexts/build_ctx_671333795/libs/mongoose-string-utils"
Lib "mjs" is already handled, skipping
The flag --module is not given for the module "mjs_module", going to use the repository
Repository "/fwbuild-volumes/2.1/apps/test/exp8266/build_contexts/build_ctx_671333795/modules/mjs_module" does not exist, cloning...

The flag --repo is not given, going to use mongoose-os repository
Error: neither sources nor prebuilt binary exists for the lib "mongoose" (or, if a library doesn't have any code by design, its mos.yml shouldn't contain "sources")
Error: build failed

Lib is available under this url:
this is how I tried to use is from the second project:

- origin:
- origin:
- origin:
- origin:
- origin:
- origin:
- origin:

what am I missing here ?


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