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Help with local build on Windows

I am attempting to make a local build of a project under Windows 10.
After running the following command in the project folder:
mos build --local --arch esp32 --clean --libs-dir ~/.mos/libs --repo ~/.mos/mongoose-os

I get the following error:
make: *** /app\myDemoApp: No such file or directory. Stop.

I'm sure the trouble is with the \ character, but I don't know how to fix it. I can see that the following is being used by Docker in the failed build log:
nice make '-j' '8' '-C' '/app\myDemoApp' '-f'

I am able to use the same build command to compile the test project from mos init. In the log, I can see this builds using:
nice make '-j' '8' '-C' '/app'

Can someone help me fix the backslash or otherwise fix this? Thanks!


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