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Last Updated date on the download site...

Greetings folks, Would it be possible to add a date/time that the MOS.EXE was last updated to the official download site?
It would make it a bit easier to determine if one needs to re-download it, to be working with the latest build.



  • nliviunliviu Romania

    mos --version displays the version and the build date/time:

    mos --version
    The Mongoose OS command line tool
    Version: latest
    Build ID: 20180403-165818/master@5f3d0519+
    Update channel: latest

    mos update will update if a newer version exists:

    mos update
    Update channel: latest
    Up to date.
  • I understand those functions, however, I am talking about on the Download site where MOS.EXE is downloadable.
    I think there should a version number located, next to the link that details the Date as well.

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