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recipe for target 'all' failed

First time build and having a problem. I'm using a NodeMCU 0.9 with an ESP-12E on Windows 7 64bit. Please assist.

Here is a pastebin in case the below is improperly formatted:

`E:\Mongoose_IOT>"E:\My Documents\Downloads\Arduino\Mongoose OS\mos.exe" build
Connecting to, user test
Uploading sources (1498 bytes)
The flag --repo is not given, going to use mongoose-os repository
Make arguments: -j -f mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/Makefile APP_MODULES=src
FFI_SYMBOLS= MGOS_PATH=mongoose-os BUILD_DIR=build/objs FW_DIR=build/fw GEN_DIR
build/gen FS_STAGING_DIR=build/fs APP_CONF_SCHEMA=src/conf_schema.yaml APP=Mong
MKDIR /app/build/fw
MKDIR /app/build/objs/fw_temp
MKDIR /app/build/objs
MKDIR /app/build/gen
CC esptool2.c
CC esptool2_elf.c
GEN /mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/ld/fw.ld (0xc9ff0 @ 0x40211010) -> /a
GEN /app/build/gen/sys_config.c
GEN /app/build/gen/sys_ro_vars.c
make: *** No rule to make target 'fs', needed by '/app/build/objs/fw_temp/0xdb0
0.bin'. Stop.
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
CC atca_command.c
CC atca_device.c
CC atca_iface.c
CC basic/atca_helpers.c
CC atca_cfgs.c
CC ./src/core/stats.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/stats.o
CC ./src/netif/etharp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/etharp.o
CC basic/atca_basic.c
CC crypto/atca_crypto_sw_rand.c
CC crypto/atca_crypto_sw_sha1.c
CC crypto/atca_crypto_sw_ecdsa.c
CC ./src/core/mem.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/mem.o
CC crypto/hashes/sha2_routines.c
CC host/atca_host.c
CC crypto/hashes/sha1_routines.c
CC crypto/atca_crypto_sw_sha2.c
CC ./src/core/sys_arch.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/sys_arch.o
CC ./src/core/mdns.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/mdns.o
CC ./src/core/init.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/init.o
CC ./src/core/memp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/memp.o
CC ./src/core/tcp_in.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/tcp_in.o
CC ./src/core/dhcp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/dhcp.o
CC ./src/core/dns.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/dns.o
LD /app/build/objs/esptool2
CC ./src/core/raw.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/raw.o
CC ./src/core/tcp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/tcp.o
CC ./src/core/sntp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/sntp.o
CC ./src/core/def.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/def.o
CC ./src/core/netif.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/netif.o
AR /app/build/objs/atca/libatca.a
CC ./src/core/sys.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/sys.o
CC ./src/core/timers.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/timers.o
CC ./src/core/pbuf.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/pbuf.o
CC ./src/core/udp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/udp.o
CC ./src/core/tcp_out.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/tcp_out.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/ip_frag.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/ip_frag.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/inet.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/inet.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/ip_addr.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/ip_addr.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/igmp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/igmp.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/ip.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/ip.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/autoip.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/autoip.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/inet_chksum.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/inet_chksum.o
CC ./src/core/ipv4/icmp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/icmp.o
CC ./src/api/netbuf.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/netbuf.o
CC ./src/api/api_lib.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/api_lib.o
CC ./src/api/netifapi.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/netifapi.o
CC ./src/api/tcpip.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/tcpip.o
CC ./src/api/netdb.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/netdb.o
CC ./src/api/err.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/err.o
CC ./src/api/api_msg.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/api_msg.o
CC ./src/api/sockets.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/sockets.o
CC ./espressif/app/espconn.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/espconn.o
CC ./espressif/app/espconn_buf.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/espconn_buf.o
CC ./espressif/app/netio.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/netio.o
CC ./espressif/app/espconn_tcp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/espconn_tcp.o
CC ./espressif/app/ping.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/ping.o
CC ./espressif/app/dhcpserver.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/dhcpserver.o
CC ./espressif/app/espconn_mdns.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/espconn_mdns.o
CC ./espressif/app/espconn_udp.c -> /app/build/objs/lwip/espconn_udp.o
AR /app/build/objs/lwip/liblwip_cs.a
mongoose-os/fw/ recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2
Error: exit status 2
Error: build failed



  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    looks like you either need to create "fs" directory in your project or remove "filesystem" from mos.yml

  • BetterAutomationsBetterAutomations Jacksonville, FL
    edited January 2017

    Ok so the fs directory exists, so I removed the following from mos.yml. Wonder why these were not in the instructions? This is a default build. Working now, thanks.

    Removed lines:

    - fs

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    @BetterAutomations thanks for reporting, that has been fixed.
    Now, default builds succeed without any extra actions.

  • BetterAutomationsBetterAutomations Jacksonville, FL

    Wow fast response. Thumbs up.

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