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ESP32 STA+AP Behavior

djcarlinwadjcarlinwa Seattle, WA USA
  1. My goal is to add WiFi STA setup to our app using RPC on the AP and HTTP POST with the ESP32 application in JavaScript.
  2. Am successfully doing Config.Set and Config.Save with Postman utility and with our app using RPC over the ESP32 AP .
  3. With AP+STA mode, it appears the AP is not stable whenever the STA has a non-existant SSID or bad PASS and is continuously Connecting and 201 Disconnecting. The evicence for this conclusion is that MongooseXXXX comes and goes from the devices WiFi scan and HTTP RPC request go unanswered.
  4. That the AP can not be serviced while the STA is trying hard to connect is understandable. If a enduser gets in this state we have a problem. Please suggest a reliable strategy for setting up sta.ssid and sta.pass using the AP.
  5. Thank you for a great OS. We were formally using the Roving Networks / Microchip WiFly devices.
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