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Help with ESP32 and connectivity to Google IOT

jptalledojptalledo Blacksburg, VA


I am trying to test this implementation for a weather station using Google IOT and Adafruit Feather ESP32.

I was able to setup google iot side and when I run the firmware on the ESP32. It is not updating the topic using MQTT

[Mar 9 09:16:44.208] mgos_mqtt_global_con MQTT connecting to
[Mar 9 09:16:45.812] Info: {"hum":9223372036854775807,"temp":9223372036854775807,"free_ram":189.179688,"total_ram":287.390625}
[Mar 9 09:16:45.821] mgos_mqtt_ev MQTT TCP connect ok (0)
[Mar 9 09:16:46.435] mgos_mqtt_ev MQTT CONNACK 4
[Mar 9 09:16:46.444] mgos_mqtt_ev MQTT Disconnect
[Mar 9 09:16:46.452] mqtt_global_reconnec MQTT connecting after 55871 ms

Checking some forums, people suggest to rollback to firmware version 1.22. How can I do that?

Any other suggestions on how to debug this issue?



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