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New Contribution: BLE Scanner Example

TMirandaTMiranda Brazil
edited March 2018 in Mongoose OS

Hi guys,
I was working with BLE for a project and I've finally managed to finish it ( Cheers to @DrBomb that helped me along the way.

I'm currently using printfs but I'll be changing it to LOGs.
There are still somethings that are not really clear to me, such this returns after I call the mgos_bt_scan function, but it's working.
[Mar 2 21:16:26.982] [0;31mE (844406) BT: BTM_BleScan scan not active
[Mar 2 21:16:26.982] [0m
[Mar 2 21:16:26.990] [0;31mE (844416) BT: bta_dm_ble_scan stop scan failed, status=0x6

I'll be including communication with a MQTT server on my application later, but I wonder if I should include it on this example as well.

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  • FabioGMFabioGM Manaus, Brazil


    Unfortunately your code is not working. You put main.c on src path and mos does not build.

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