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Is mgos command line tool open sourced?

Trying to understand how mgos command line tool works, is it also open sourced? Thanks


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    We will open it shortly, it needs some refactoring.

  • Thanks Sergey!

    I realized that mgos is using a docker image to compile esps32 projects...since esp_idf is evolving quickly these days, I'd like to know if there is a way that I can use a local esp_idf directory instead of what is currently packed in the docker image? Thanks

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    we have our own fork of IDF with some additional changes here -
    check out the "cesanta" branch. changes are fairly minor and we're pushing as much as possible upstream, but there are some differences which make mongoose-os it incompatible with vanilla IDF.

    that said, you can use your own IDF repo with mgos build. you'll need to mount the IDF repo into the docker container and then specify IDF_PATH, e.g.:

    --build_var DOCKER_EXTRA:"-v /home/rojer/cesanta/esp/esp-idf:/idf" --build_var IDF_PATH:/idf

  • Hi rojer,

    I made a quick try on your suggestion, but run into different build issues. It's hard to debug those problems since mos tool is visible to me.

    Just noticed that you have recently a new update on docker image to "", is the esp-idf bumped up to most recent codeline? It will be great if you can share what is the plan on your side of bumping up the esp-idf versions. Thanks,

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland
    edited January 2017

    mos tool will be opensourced, we are working on disentangling it from some other internal code.
    esp-idf shipped in the 1.0-r7 docker image is cesanta/esp-idf:1.0-r7. you you look at the commit history, you'll see that it is based on upstream from 3 days ago.

    the plan on our side is to follow esp-idf closely and try to upstream our changes wherever possible. ideally i'd like switch to espressif/esp-idf entirely.

  • Thanks rojer, this is great information!

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