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ESP32-D2Wd example - partition table


We are trying to flash an app on the ESP32-D2WD using the embedded 2 MB RoM , but we still get the below errors , is there any working example on any guide on how to modify the partition table ??

[Feb 10 15:35:15.223] I (42) boot: SPI Flash Size : 2MB
[Feb 10 15:35:15.228] E (46) flash_parts: partition 4 invalid - offset 0x1d0000 size 0x180000 exceeds flash chip size 0x200000
[Feb 10 15:35:15.237] E (56) boot: Failed to verify partition table
[Feb 10 15:35:15.242] E (61) boot: load partition table error!
[Feb 10 15:35:15.269] user code done

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