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Beginner question: Comparison of ESP32 development environment options


I'm about to start an ESP32 project; a low-power, mostly-offline, datalogger, occasionally connected to WiFi and maybe Bluetooth to allow sensor data to be retrieved. I'm experienced in C/C++, Python and JavaScript. So far, I've only developed microcontroller software in Arduino IDE.

I'm motivated to learn Mongoose OS, the productivity, management features and architecture look exciting. But I want to consider all options in the round.

Is anyone aware of any surveys that compare the various development environments, especially Arduino, Mongoose and ESP-IDF, maybe Micro Python. I'm thinking of features like:
* Memory / flash occupancy (i need as much flash as possible to store sensor data)
* Completeness of support for ESP32 capabilities
* Current maturity / reliability
* Platform capabilities e.g. OTA, IoT integration
* Size of community, availability of examples, etc.



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    I trialed several environments for a similar application to yours, for a commercial product that ended up not going ahead. Summary of my conclusions: The environment/framework provided by Espressif was the most painful to use, the environment provided by VisualGDB (not free) was the nicest to use and used the Espressif framework, and Mongoose OS was the quickest to get something reasonable functioning (especially using JavaScript) if you use the provided examples as a substitute for documentation. I gave up trying to get anything useful out of a debugger and resorted to "printf debugging" (ie logger output in this case). For a complicated application or one with high demand on the processor (yours is probably not either of these) one would want to consider the options carefully as it will probably be a trade-off between performance and ease-of-use; from the information you provide Mongoose OS sounds like a reasonable choice.

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