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uart_bridge library

hosihosi Österreich

Hi there!

I'm trying to get uart_bridge library up and running (unfortunately without any luck). I was searching for an example so I can get a clue what I'm doing wrong. Could anyone help me out on this?



  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    If you can follow and describe what is not working for you, that might help to answer.

  • hosihosi Österreich
    edited February 2018

    Hi Sergey,

    Sorry, Id din't mean to be rude, I was a little frustrated...

    What I want to do is, using a websocket connection to connect a device with uart on an ESP32 (UART2, Rx pin 13, Tx pin 14, UART works fine), to display the serial output of the device on a webpage (html). At the moment I am able to establish a connection to the device using websocket to uart. For debugging reasons I exchanged the devive with putty (serial). So far everything fine. I can send data from serial putty to the html page (theres a slight problem displaying the data - but thats something completely different I guess). I am using the slighly modified index.html file from websocket chat ( - I just changed the way the websocket is created: var ws = new WebSocket('ws://' + + ':8910');
    The biggest problem at the moment is, that I always have to reload the html page when I want to send data to the uart! I thought, the connection would stay open and would be able to send multiple messages? Whats interesting is, that the debug output (level 3) doesn't mention a closing event, so i guess it still open, but simply doesn't react on a new message - aka pressing the send button...
    I hope this clarifies and explains my problem.

    Thanks for your time and patience,

  • BerleseBerlese Brazil

    Hello everybody, I'm having a similar problem.

    I'm trying to use websocket on mongoose OS, but I don't have found a good example to help me.
    I want to do some thing like the wifi-setup-web.
    I already found this on Cesanta, WebSocket , and this other here websocket_chat, as hosi pointed.
    But I don't found nothing like the example for HTTP.

    But if someone could help me on this matter, will be very helpful =]

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